Marketing Plan for A Vegan Food Brand

Let’s understand the lifestyle concept-Vegan first

 What is Vegan or Vegan Food?

Vegan refers to a lifestyle where people follow a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients like honey, collagen or gelatin.


  1. Improved Health:

Major health organizations are recommending a balanced food diet, preferably a plant-based diet to avoid the increased risk of BP, heart attack and cholesterol. All these highlights, increase the appetite for vegan food products and promote healthy living. But a common question arises in the consumer is sufficient and right amount of protein and the calcium consumption is being done or not. So communicating the nutritional value and adding information about the protein and calcium has a lot of potentials to attract the crowd.

2. Environmental Impact:

The plant-based diet can create sustainability for the planet. Study shows that the global shift to a plant-based diet can also reduce mortality and greenhouse gases and keep our planet healthy for living.

From the perspective of production, a plant-based diet requires 16 times less land area, 13 times less water and 50% less co2 emissions.

3. Animal Protection:

A vegan can roughly save 200 animals in a year. Adopting vegan lifestyle limits the consumption of animal protein and that itself is a stand for the welfare of animals

 Market value:

Indian vegan food economy growing rapidly as the global food market size is USD 15.4 billion in 2020 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 26% between 2021-2026

Growth Drivers:

India is the leading and growing economy for plant-based food businesses. Growing awareness of healthy lifestyles such as low cholesterol, including a healthy ingredient in the diet, lose weight, helping the vegan industry boom. Consumers are looking out for healthy alternatives in most craved fast food and are open to consuming alternatives such as Ragi in cookies and chips, vegan chocolates, cakes, soya and almond-based cream, cheese and shakes to name a few.

While the fast-food offerings are already popular in the segment, some of the regular Indian diets are also driving the market with authentic Indian vegan food meal options with a variety of flavours and eco-friendly packaging.

How do I get the benefit of low penetration?

Though vegans are there in the market quite for some time, the recent innovation of meat and dairy alternatives is the game-changer. Veganism is nothing but the choice of lifestyle and promoting this can lead to creating a good brand perception.

Marketing in the non-vegan marketplace:

It is challenging to tap the non-vegan market with the vegan offering but not impossible. However, being transparent about the ingredient list and its benefits helps to stay ahead in the competition and it creates a brand identity in the non-vegan marketplace.

Everyone wants a good no of users, fan following in social media and huge subscribers but the problem is to reach out to them in a cost-effective way within minimal time.

Instead, creative and strategic thought can win the race.

Unique Selling Point:

It is the all essential features of the products and the brand and its impacts on consumers. It is quite easier to market it to the vegans but with the positive impacts can surely win the wallet share of non-vegans also

Marketing Communication:

 Referral program:- It is the digital conversion of word of mouth(WOM). This is considered to be the best for any business especially for startups as it allows an existing customer to promote by sharing the link or code. The study says 92% of people buy on recommendations rather than in any other form of promotional activity.

  1. Social Media:– Choosing the right social medium and creating user engaging content and building a community are some of the freeways to drive the social media presence. It helps to grow the small startup business besides building a brand personality and trust with the target audience.
  2. Reaching out to the specific community or forum:- This is called influencer marketing. The influencer posts the product features and the experience in forums or in the niche community. It creates a huge audience and provides value.
  3. Customization:- This engages more with the customers as based on their preference the product can be customized. This experience can always be inspiring and stay ahead in the competitive market
  4. Complementary product offering to the first time user:- Surprise the first time user with some complimentary offering and communicate it across all the mediums.
  5. Influencer marketing:- Partnership with vegan consumers has always been in our mind but associating with a non-vegan consumer to try out the products and sharing reviews encourages a non-vegan to opt for them in their everyday diet
  6. Blogging: Engaging content in the blog section of the website has huge potential to drive traffic and increases brand awareness. Meat and Dairy substitutes are the talks of the town like Vegan meat, Vegan omelette etc.
  7. Campaigns: Veganuary campaign can create a buzz among non-vegans. It is Vegan January where the campaign targets all non-vegan to try out vegan for a month to see the changes
  8. Marketing Communication: Educating customers about the environmental impact of being vegan can be useful for brands. Adopting this lifestyle can create a huge impact on the environment
  9. Public Relations: As none of the offerings should only be limited to the Vegan marketplace, the media presence should also focus on non-vegan publications. This way the communication can be reached out to the non-vegans effectively.


We often focus our marketing communication on the Vegan set of people but there is huge potential to market the vegan to the health-conscious people as this seems to be one of the best alternatives to them. It helps to increase the follower base and reach the target group.

Moreover if not sticking to a strictly vegan diet, many consumers are taking baby steps by changing their lifestyle due to increasing awareness of the environment and innovative food alternatives.

As the vegan movement continues to grow, more marketing strategies are on their way to coming up. Hope this article gives a beginner insight to think and start the first step for the marketing in Vegan food. To develop a comprehensive brand marketing strategy for your business(food or non-food), do write to me or comment.

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5 key insights to help you craft Marketing Strategy for your business

5 key insights to help you craft Marketing Strategy for your business

Are you agonizing over marketing for your business?

Lets understand What is marketing and Why do we need it?

Marketing is logical method. For brands it is nothing but creating customer perception. It is the art of creating effective communication to the audience. If sales does not happen then the business would not exist. The sale is not possible if people do not notice or get the information about product and services. In the crowded marketplace, marketing helps to get noticed and attract target audience. It is important to carve out the uniqueness to lead the market.

Post pandemic the market economics has changed a lot. It is more challenging to survive for an existing brand and equally difficult for startups to get noticed.

Broadly marketing has been categorized as “Offline and Online”.

Offline refers to all traditional method of i.e ATL (Above the line- print, hoarding, TV etc) & BTL( below the line). Online refers to digital medium.

Are you looking to know everything about Digital Marketing?

Here we go.

Digital is a medium or channel of marketing which helps to reach a larger audience through technology. It is more cost effective than traditional and the success of a digital marketing campaign can be measured on a daily basis.

Why Digital:-

  1. It enhances the visibility of the business
  2. It  improves the online conversion rates
  3. It trims down the marketing budget
  4. Integrated digital marketing techniques helps to generate leads
  5. It boost up sales
  6. It creates brand awareness
  7. It perks up customer engagement
  8. It helps to persuade the purchasing decisions
  9. It is easy to track the return on investment

Digital Vs Traditional-

Let us understand what the role of digital marketing today is and how it is different from old traditional ways.

  1. Target prospects- It is quite easy to target the Target Group (TG) based on the demographic in social media. Simultaneously from ‘Pay-per-click’ (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we can analyze the visitors’ profile.
  • Cost Effectiveness- Digital is one of the most cost effective medium to drive any businesses especially for startups. While traditional marketing such as print ad, hoarding, and TV ad cost thousands of dollars, an online ad can be created at a much lesser cost and it is measurable.
  • Inexpensive consumer research– It is mostly technology based and the technology used to track, monitor and interpret the consumer buying behavior.
  • Engage with audience directly– Social media campaigns, post and webinar engages directly with the customers.

Paperboat, a traditional fruit based drink started their journey with the help of Instagram campaign- a low cost, high impact approach and witnessed a phenomenal growth for the brand in the market and  ranked top in Ready-to-drink category.

Are you the one who is looking to start your business and achieve success within minimum budget?

Of course yes

For that we need to understand digital marketing funnel or CATT Funnel.

This is a technique or an effective communication approach to achieve our goals.

C standsfor Content– Content is the key. Quality content always drives the market and wins the race.

A stands for Attention– Content creates user attention and helps to solve user’s problem and creates T for Trust. This trust convinces users and makes T for Transaction happened.

In this CATT approach, the segment or category key “Niche” is equally important as

Wealth=n^CATT [Here n for niche and ^ denotes power]

Niche is what we offer to the customer which has an USP(unique selling point).

One of my friend is offering plant based vegan food to the customers. Vegan is a niche segment in entire F&B (Food & Beverage) category. Vegan refers to a lifestyle where people follow a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal derived ingredients like honey, collagen or gelatin. [Check-]

Integrated Digital Marketing

This is the answer of how to do CATT with the niche. Precisely it is the framework.

Content-A useful content engages audience through blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, videos and live webinars and generates a lead.

Attention- It means driving traffic through SEO, social media, paid ad and referral

Trust-Build trust and market it trough automation and retargeting

Transaction- It is all the combining efforts converting into sales

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the practice of creating a brand around a person rather than an entity. It is also called as self branding. It helps to become an influencer in the market as it is a method to position an expert in the industry.

To become a successful influencer in the industry the authentic content through blogging is essential. Apparently it is also a logical method which has following 5 phrases:

Learn and implement the skill while you work, gain experience and share it with others to become an inspiration for others and that’s how startup is born.

Thanks Deepak Kanakaraju. A true inspiration for us.

In a nutshell marketing as a logical method is evolving constantly day by day. The existing methods are well analysed and updated according to the consumer behaviour. At the same time the newer methods are emerged as a result of technical innovations and market research.

Marketing is more like a food than it is a medicine. It is essential to sustain in the market as it revolves around the needs of the consumers. Consumers are the king and their needs are shaped by culture, society, family, work group etc. Most importantly it helps businesses to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with its audience. It is not a one-time fix; it is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourishes.

Here marketing helps to achieve your success milestones

  1. Content is the key to acquire TG
  2. Attract the TG with seamless experience
  3. Building reputation is the next step towards success
  4. Create a logic for sales
  5. Strategic thought is the last step to grow the business